Westfield has long recognised that the most important contributing factor to its success has been the skill and dedication of its senior executive team and staff. This is why the Group continues to place a high priority on its approach to its human resources program, aimed at retaining and recruiting the highest quality staff possible and making Westfield an exciting and challenging place to pursue a career in the retail property industry.

Given the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly changing global retail environment, the stability and experience of the Group's senior executive team is more valuable than ever. The top 50 executives have an average age of 50.8 and length of service with the organisation is an average of 12.5 years. Of these more than half have worked for Westfield in multiple markets which contributes to the global knowledge-sharing base that has become even more important with the increasing globalisation of retail.

The establishment of the Group Executive Committee in 2011 created a regular global forum in which ideas and issues could be discussed, managed and implemented throughout the business. In 2012 the newly-appointed Group Chief Digital Officer was appointed to this committee, recognising the more prominent role digital technology will play in the retail industry and the need to better integrate digital initiatives with Westfield's existing divisions as well as engage more closely with retailers and shoppers who are increasingly using digital technology as part of the wider shopping experience.

A key function of the Group Executive Committee is to prepare the next generation of Westfield leaders and there has been significant focus on a wide range of educational and other programs to encourage staff to make the most of the exciting opportunities for career development with Westfield. These programs have been addressed in greater detail in the Group's Sustainability Reports which also include information relating to training and diversity.



Senior Management Corporate Peter Allen

Peter Allen *

Group Chief Financial Officer

Simon Tuxen *

Group General Counsel & Company Secretary

Mark Bloom *

Deputy Group Chief Financial Officer

Elliott Rusanow *

Head of Corporate Finance

Kevin McKenzie *

Group Chief Digital Officer

Eamonn Cunningham

Chief Risk Officer

Maureen McGrath

General Counsel, Corporate & Compliance

Mark Ryan

Group Director, Corporate Affairs

David Temby

Group Tax Counsel

Richard Williams

Group Treasurer

Vincent Vas

Group General Manager, Finance


Senior Management Corporate Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan *

Managing Director

Greg Miles *

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Schwartz *

SEVP & General Counsel, United States

John Widdup *

Chief Operating Officer
Development, Design & Construction

United States

Bruce Bothwell

SVP Information Technology

Lisa Cowell Shams

EVP Government Affairs

Catharine Dickey

EVP Corporate Communications

William Hecht

SEVP Development

Easther Liu

SVP of Strategy & Market Research

William Nelson

EVP Human Resources

Roger Porter


Mike Skovran

Chief Financial Officer, US Operations

Richard Steets

SEVP Corporate Development

Mark Stefanek

Chief Financial Officer

David Weinert

EVP Leasing as of 1 July 2013

Gary Williams

SEVP Property Group

Australia, New Zealand

John Batistich

Director Marketing

Peter Bourke

Director Information Technology

Tonya Carter

General Manager Leasing and BrandSpace, New Zealand

Andrew Clarke

Chief Financial Officer, Australia & New Zealand

Janine Frew

Director Human Resources

Paul Giugni

General Counsel, Australia & New Zealand

Andy Hedges

Director Shopping Centre Management

Dudley Heywood

Head of Tax, Australia & New Zealand

Ian Irving

Director Design & Construction

Peter Leslie

Director Leasing

Justin Lynch

Director New Zealand

Linda Trainer

General Manager Shopping Centre Management & Marketing, New Zealand


Senior Management Corporate Michael Gutman

Michael Gutman *

Managing Director

Peter Miller

Chief Operating Officer

Duncan Bower

Head of Development

John Burton OBE

Director of Development

Bill Giouroukos

Director of Operations

Jonathan Hodes

Head of Tax and Treasury

Keith Mabbett

Leasing Director

Myf Ryan

General Manager Marketing

Leon Shelley

General Counsel, UK & Europe

Philip Slavin

Finance Director

Xavier Walker

Head of Information Technology

Keith Whitmore

Director of Design & Construction